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Sweet Chili Wood-Plank Salmon

Sweet Chili Wood-Plank Salmon

1991 2080 One Culture Foods

Serves 1


6 oz salmon filet

2 tbsp Southeast Asian Sweet Chili Sauté & Dip

1 tsp thyme

3-4 lemon slices


  1. Soak wood plank for 4 hrs minimum
  2. Turn grill on very high heat
  3. Prep fish by lightly coating with salt, pepper, thyme, and Sweet Chili
  4. Place lemon slices on top of salmon
  5. Remove plank from water and lay on top of grill
  6. Place salmon on plank and cook for 10 mins uncovered
  7. Cover grill and check every couple mins until salmon is to your preferred doneness


Contributed by: One Culture Foods

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